Our Services

We Parwinder and Associates are legal government approved body. With no virtual saying, we believe in doing all our work uniquely, and on time. For this our peers perform efficient deeds keeping in mind your requirements with regard to land, budget and precious time.

We are Architects, Estimators, Interior designer, Surveyors and valuers. With a team of Experienced Architects, Legal Land Estimators and Colonizers, Trendy yet Royal Interior Designers, we also perform surveys for your value-added life- time quality asset.

We deal in flawless legalized deals with your Desires to yield a Unique Platform fulfilling your dreams


Our architects take care of all the plans, designs and oversees the construction of buildings. Our architects undergo a specialized training. our achitects make sure that they eet the requirements of the client and provide facility suitable for them.


Our estimators works for the estimation for the material and quzlity of the quality of the material. their job also involves assessing material, labour and equipements required. the estimators take complete care of your budget.

Interior designer

Our interior designers work to define the interior space into an effective setting so that our clients could feel no place like home. Our designers are one of most talented and experienced. To make every bit of place beautiful and heavenistic.


Facelifting of the house, this type of remodel the previous design. Our facelifters have wide experience in this field. They renovate the house and make it more royale and stylish yet simple.